Are metal buildings environmentally-friendly?

Metallic metal construction options can help you reach your sustainability objectives. Metallic’s roof and wall panels, structural members and other products are virtually 100 percent recyclable and are made of roughly 30 to 50 percent recycled materials. Roof and wall metal panels reduce waste because of their unmatched durability and resistance to fire, wind and insects. The American Iron and Steel Institute reports metal roofs last between 40 and 60 years and require significantly less maintenance than other materials.

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How can I tell the difference between metal building systems and traditional building? 

In most cases you cannot tell the difference between metal building systems and steel buildings, as they have the flexibility for total adaptability. Metallic’s building solutions are completely customizable and are the popular choice for office buildings, hangars, schools, churches, recreational arenas and more. Metal building systems work with most architectural designs to offer cost-savings, durability and longevity without sacrificing the attractive look of a traditional building.