Your online fast track to metal buildings

Our easy-to-use ExpressPlusTM system allows you to configure and price your own low-complexity metal building structure in a matter of minutes. Through our system, typically time-consuming tasks like identifying building codes, detailing eave and rake conditions and determining which materials to include for a particular roof slope are all performed in an instant. It’s the faster, easier and more economical approach to metal building selection.


In addition, our advanced system is synced up to every individual Authorized Builder’s customer information, ensuring your projects are billed in accordance with established credit terms—and that you can easily track and edit your orders.


ExpressPlus gives our Metallic Authorized Builders the exclusive power to:

  • Manage projects through an advanced dashboard that gives you the power to share, copy and modify quotes instantly
  • Identify applicable codes and loads through a proprietary program that works in tandem with Google Maps
  • Describe building requirements as geometry, loading and accessories
  • Take advantage of our 3-Week Shipping guarantee—a great option when fast turnaround is a top priority

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