Energy efficient roofs with limitless possibilities

The extreme adaptability of Metallic’s NuRoof® system means that neither flexibility nor aesthetics will ever be compromised on your project. Builders who choose our metal roofing systems have the ability to build with new, innovative design as well as the opportunity to update energy code and/or load requirements that may have changed since the building’s initial erection.

Our efficient roofing panels are:

  • Made from 25-35% recycled materials
  • 100% recyclable
  • Reducing landfill waste and disposal costs


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NuRoof supports your green initiative

Because Metallic’s metal roofs are energy-efficient, durable and lightweight, they help support our green mission. Using cool metal roofing offers energy-saving benefits from economical and environmental factors—both economical and environmental benefits through energy saving capabilities—which also helps reduce the heat island effect. NuRoof is just one way Metallic can help you gain LEED points by going green.


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