Sustainable Metal Buildings



Metallic is dedicated to environmentally-friendly construction products and practices. Our goal is to work hand in hand with our customers to guide the construction of projects designed to achieve green building certification, are striving to be environmentally-friendly or are seeking the long-term cost savings associated with energy-efficient solutions. You can count on the Metallic team to assist you in this process as well as in selecting and incorporating energy efficient products into your metal building.


The Advantages of a Metal Building for your Green Project

When it comes to sustainability and energy efficiency there’s no gray area. Codes are firm and standards are straightforward; this also often applies to the budget – it is set and it is firm and affordable green solutions become the goal. As you start looking for construction material you will find that metal is hands down the best product for your green project. Metal buildings require less material than traditional buildings—leading to a more cost effective solution. Additionally, the green characteristics of our products increase recyclability and durability.

Contact us today to start your green project – whether your goal is to achieve LEED Certification or create a structure that is environmentally friendly and sustainable, we are here for you. We have experienced professionals, the product and the right price.


Products available for your Green Build needs

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