Easy, Fast and Affordable

Our ExpressPlus® buildings are pre-engineered low-complexity metal structures perfect for a variety of small building applications and are an ideal solution for projects requiring a quick turnaround.


Benefits of an ExpressPlus Building

  • Less on-site labor cost since most connections are put together using A325 bolts leading to a fast and easy installation.
  • Metal systems can bear greater loads requiring less material.
  • The highest level of integrity and durability with high-quality materials produced by IAS-accredited manufacturing plants


Benefits of our ExpressPlus Ordering System

Our easy-to-use ExpressPlus order system allows you to configure and price your own low-complexity metal building structure in a matter of minutes. Through our system, typically time-consuming tasks like identifying building codes, detailing eave and rake conditions and determining which materials to include for a particular roof slope are all performed in an instant. It’s the faster, easier and more economical approach to metal building selection.

ExpressPlus gives our Metallic Authorized Builders the exclusive power to:

  • Manage projects through an advanced dashboard that gives you the power to share, copy and modify quotes instantly
  • Identify applicable codes and loads through a proprietary program that works in tandem with Google Maps
  • Describe building requirements as geometry, loading and accessories



Launch ExpressPlus®


If you do not have your login information please contact your district manager or builder service representative.

ExpressPlus is available to our Authorized Builders. Contact us to learn more about joining our network.