Steel Aircraft Hangars 

Metallic offers the flexibility to design and manufacture steel aircraft hangars to fit your unique needs. Our custom metal hangar options include T-hangars, corporate and executive hangars, clear-span airline hangars, fixed base operators and more. By choosing Metallic, you’ll enjoy customized solutions, onsite construction services and a single-source supplier dedicated to meeting your needs. 

Custom Metal Hangars

Our custom metal hangars are designed and manufactured to fit your requirements. They can be designed in any size to accommodate a variety of aircrafts including helicopters, crop dusters, gliders, single-engine planes, commercial aircrafts and military aircrafts. We offer our customers: 

  • Clear span with obstruction-free interiors for wide open spaces up to 300ft. 
  • Hangar door design and supply
  • Hangars to accommodate bi-fold, bi-parting and stack leaf designs
  • Standard metal or conventional wall applications
  • Mezzanines for connecting hangar offices, multi-story, mixed build, storage and other ancillary structures or features.

Both the interior and exterior of your prefab airplane hangar can be further customized to fit your aesthetic and functional preferences. 

Exterior Customization 

Our metal structures are designed to support conventional wall systems including metal panels, brick, stucco, tilt-up or CCMU. To complete the exterior of your prefab airplane hangar, we offer a broad selection of metal panel styles and profiles. Choose from several colors to customize the exterior of your facility to fit your brand, blend in with the landscape or complement other buildings on the property. To improve interior comfort within your facility, choose insulated metal panels. 

We offer a variety of metal building accessories designed to improve the functionality and appeal of your steel aircraft hangar. Consider adding door canopies to provide shade and protection for the elements to the flight crew and other patrons entering and exiting the facility. Eave extensions are also beneficial to guide water down the building, helping to prevent structural damage from moisture. 

Interior Customization

Our steel aircraft hangars offer superior design flexibility, allowing you to customize the interior layout and design to create an appealing and functional space. In addition to providing ample space to maneuver large aircrafts, clear span framing allows for total flexibility in partitioning the interior of your space to your liking without having to worry about load bearing walls. Use partition walls to create designated spaces for lodging, storage and more.  

Finish the interior of your prefab airplane hangar with our broad selection of metal liner panels. Choose from several styles, profiles and colors. Adding liner panels helps protect the insulation system from being damaged by aircrafts and other heavy machinery. 

Browse our gallery to see our portfolio of steel aircraft hangars

Why Choose Metal

Compared to traditional building materials, steel is a durable alternative that can provide significant cost savings over the life of your steel aircraft hangar. 

Clear-Span Capabilities – Clear-span framing offers up to 300ft. of column-free space, allowing room to store and maneuver large aircrafts. 


Durability – Compared to traditional building materials, steel delivers superior strength and durability. It won’t rot or decay and is resistant to damage from insects. This helps give you peace of mind that your valuable aircrafts are protected. 

Cost Savings – The low maintenance design of our prefab airplane hangars helps save on maintenance costs over the life of your building. Our prefabricated building components arrive at the building site ready for installation. This leads to quicker erection and savings on construction costs. 

Design Flexibility – The interior and exterior of our custom metal hangars are completely customizable to fit your functional and aesthetic needs. Their modular design makes them easy to expand in conjunction with your aircraft fleet. 

Sustainability – Our steel components are made from 25% recycled content and are 100% recyclable at the end of their life. This means that less materials end up in the landfill.   

Why Choose Metallic

Since 1946, Metallic has been a trusted name in the pre-engineered steel buildings industry. We were one of the five original founders of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association and have spent decades developing and testing our products to provide the highest caliber solutions. 

Our team of project managers, draftsmen, engineers and fabrication specialists is dedicated to creating high-quality metal warehouse buildings and distribution centers to meet your needs. Our experienced sales team will work with you to create a custom, economical solution to fit your industrial business. Contact us today!