Steel Brewery, Winery & Distillery Buildings


Envision and create the perfect steel building for your brewery, winery or distillery. Metallic buildings are custom engineered to achieve your ideal balance of aesthetics and functionality. Our buildings are low-maintenance, saving you time and money over the building’s lifespan. 


With Metallic no project is too complex. Whether your metal building is for a small-scale craft beverage business with retail space and tasting room or a high production and distribution facility, our buildings are custom engineered to perfectly match your business needs. Customize your building with climate controlled zones, expandable production areas and more.

Our steel brewery, winery and distillery buildings are versatile and can accommodate all your functional needs. These buildings can support your craft beverage equipment, storage needs and any other of your business needs including:


  • Tasting Rooms & Taprooms
  • Barrel Storage
  • Restaurants
  • And more!


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Advantages of Steel Buildings

Regardless of the size of your business, a durable and low-maintenance steel brewery, winery and distillery buildings will save you money. With the strength of steel, your buildings can include high and unobstructed ceilings to house your equipment and make storing your beverages hassle-free. 


Cost Savings—Our prefab steel craft beverage buildings offer numerous short- and long-term economic advantages. They’re low-maintenance, allowing you to cut out costly upkeep repairs. The longevity and extended life of steel buildings will also save you time and money, allowing you to operate your craft beverage business without worrying about needing to repair or replace your building.


Speed of Construction—We’re here to help you jumpstart your craft beverage operations as quickly as possible. Our prefabricated metal brewery, winery and distillery buildings help you save time and money on construction. The pre-engineered building components are designed to fit the specifications of your project and are ready for installation when they arrive at the construction site.


Design Flexibility and Adaptability—Our metal craft beverage buildings offer superior architectural and design flexibility to accommodate many different applications. Customize the interior and exterior of the building to fit your brewery, winery or distillery application. Metallic offers the ability for you to ensure all your business needs are met with our custom engineered buildings.


Reliability and Durability—Compared to traditional building materials, steel offers superior strength and durability you can count on to protect your most valuable assets, from brewing equipment and machinery to aging barrels. The building’s low maintenance design translates to cost savings over the long life of your building.