Meet Our Team


Nathaniel Byrum, South Central RegionNathaniel Byrum
Territory: northern & central Texas
Hired in: June
Years of experience: 6+
What are your goals for 2016?
Develop relationships with new and existing customers and builders, provide a high-level of customer service and provide alternative solutions to be competitive with our price.
What would you like your builders to know about you?
With my background being in both Estimating and Project Management, I take pride in knowing that I have established solid relationships with both General Contractors and Builders. I hope all of my customers know that I understand that time is money and I will do my best to provide valued engineering solutions to my Builders/Customers that others may not offer to save them both time and money.


Scott Stephen, West RegionScott Stephen
Territory: northern California and part of Nevada (Reno area)
Hired in: August
Years of experience: 25+
What are your goals for 2016?
Strengthen the relationships we have with our customers and existing builders. I’ll also look to establish more relationships with new customers and builders.
What would you like your builders to know about you?
I have always taken pride in being honest with our customers. Even though I’m new to the Metal Buildings group, it’s my goal to learn this industry as quickly as possible so I can provide the expertise they have been accustomed to. And please know that I may not have the answer when you first ask, but I will get the answer and return your call!

Bob Schlueter, South Central Region
Territory: south Illinois, east Missouri, southwest Indiana and northwest Kentucky
Hired in: June
Years of experience: 22+
What are your goals for 2016?
Provide the most comprehensive building packages and service in the industry.
What would you like your builders to know about you?
I have 22 years of experience in design build construction, 20 years of which were as a turnkey general contractor specializing in design-build PEMB projects.

Jay Evans, South Region
Territory: North Carolina
Hired in: December
Years of experience: 20+
What are your goals for 2016?
Help our builders gain more independence with pricing metal buildings on their own.
What would you like your builders to know about you?
I enjoy developing projects with my builders, seeking solutions to their issues, and having that trusted relationship that will allow us to do this for many years to come.


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