Framed Openings


This accessory is used to open portions of a wall that are normally used for access. Used to frame out doors, windows, louvers, and any other openings. Framed opening refers to the framing members and flashing which surround an opening. Framed openings include: jambs, header or sill, trim, and fasteners.


Double headers will be used in the attachment of some roll-up doors. This second header must be field located.

Full cover trim (optional) provides head and jamb cover trim and sill trim if applicable, so that no red iron is visible
at the opening.

Red primer, gray primer or galvanized finishes (galvanized indicates that all of the jamb and header or sill material for this framed opening will be manufactured from galvanized material.)

The jamb must be located at least 18″ off a column line. Exercise caution with a framed opening in an endwall as the endposts may have to be relocated to accommodate opening. Also, exercise caution with framed openings in a sidewall, as bracing may have to be relocated to accommodate opening and special doors may be required in low clearance areas.