Single Slope Metal Buildings


Single slope metal buildings feature two sidewalls of differing heights. The roof slopes downward in the direction of the shorter sidewall. Single slope steel buildings are ideal for low-rise commercial applications such as shopping centers, grow houses and offices. Single slope roof only structures are commonly used for agricultural applications such as equipment storage and livestock housing. They also make a great addition to existing buildings and typically don’t require a major redesign or re-evaluation of code requirements for installation. Their design makes them ideal for situations where drainage of snow and water is restricted. 


Customize the pitch to fit your end-use. Our single slope metal buildings are available with standard slopes ranging from ½:12 to 4:12. Additionally, choose from a broad selection of colors and accessories to create the functionality and aesthetic appeal you desire.


 Single Slope:

A stand alone building with a sloping roof in one plane. The slope is from one wall to the opposite wall.


Low rise construction

Frame Types Available

Our single slope metal buildings are available in a variety of frame types. Choose from clear span or modular construction.

Clearspan framing offers large, column-free spaces and is economical for buildings with a width of less than 90 ft.

Modular framing offers the flexibility to break up the interior of your building to create designated spaces. It becomes a more economical option as you approach or exceed a building width of 100ft.