Walk Doors


Personnel doors available in a variety of configurations.


Walk doors are available in 3070 (3′ x 7′), 4070 (4′ x 7′), and 6070 (double leaf 6′ x 7′). They are available as a solid door (M), a half-glass door with glazing by others (GL), and a door with a narrow lite glass panel (NL). All doors are available with white or bronze primer.

Double leaf (6070) doors are available with one leaf or both leaves active. If one leaf only is active on a 6070 door, an astragal and head and foot bolts are included. If both leaves are active on a 6070, a mullion is included. If panic hardware is used on a 6070 with one leaf active, you will receive a mullion in lieu of an astragal.

The following door options are available:

  • Panic Hardware
  • Mortise Lockset
  • Closer
  • Insulated Leaf
  • Keyed Alike
  • Weatherstrip

If no lockset hardware options are selected, door will be provided with standard lever handle cylinder lockset.