We Salute You, John Kiker Company

We Salute You, John Kiker Company

John Kiker Company Inc. | Dalton, GA

Authorized Builder Since 1996

John Kiker, president of John Kiker Company Inc., is a well-known figure in the metal building industry and one of the most distinguished builders in Metallic’s Authorized Builder Network. A partner since 1996, Kiker has led the pack year over year and has held the Top Volume Builder title multiple times and held a seat for many years on Metallic’s President’s Advisory Council. Kiker’s success can be attribute to John’s dedication to the business and hands-on approach to assure that his customers receive the very best in service and quality. With the support of his collaborators including his wife Janice, daughter Andrea and grandson William, the Kiker brand has become synonymous with excellence.

If you drive through the Dalton area, you will spot more than a few Kiker projects. Since their founding in the mid-70’s, this family-operated business has stayed true to their roots and remained in the region both as a builder and developer. This approach has allowed the Kiker team to remain close to each and every project to assure that Kiker’s high-quality standards are met and that their customers receive the personal attention that Kiker is known for. One of the most notable structures in the region and one of the largest projects Kiker has been part of is Engineered Floors. This massive 2,225,000 sq. ft. carpet manufacturing structure with Double-Lok® roof system, architectural insulated metal panels, and Metallic’s Long Bay® System earned Metallic’s Excellence Award in 2016. That same year, Kiker was recognized as Metallic’s Top Volume Builder and has held the title for six years running.

There are quite a few noteworthy Kiker projects and many awards and honors to speak of, but what truly sets Kiker apart is their commitment to their customers and reputation for high-quality, both of which are the source of the brand’s growth.

We are grateful for the 25-year partnership with Kiker and take this opportunity to salute the Kiker team!