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Building Applications of Every Type

Metallic Building Company provides custom-engineered metal buildings ranging from low to high complexity to meet the requirements of your project. Our prefabricated metal building systems and products are designed for optimal strength, efficiency and durability.

The durability of steel, coupled with superior functionality of our building systems is the perfect solution for metal building construction. Our flexible metal building systems allow for diversity of design and appearance.

Some common industries and applications for our commercial and industrial metal buildings include:

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Why Choose Metal

Pre-engineered metal buildings are durable and cost efficient, making them ideal for commercial and industrial use. 

Clear-Span Framing

Steel delivers superior strength which allows for clear-span framing. This means that no interior supports are required, allowing for more open space within your industrial steel building. This also allows for design flexibility so the interior can be tailored to fit the requirements of your project. We offer column-free spaces up to 300 ft. 


Compared to traditional building materials, steel offers superior durability. Unlike wood and other organic materials, metal is resistant to damage from insects. With the strength of steel, you can also save on maintenance costs.

Ease of Erection Makes for Fast Construction

Our commercial metal building system components are pre-engineered to fit your project, meaning that all metal building components arrive onsite pre-punched and ready for erection. This helps save you time and money on construction. Metallic is a one-stop shop for the design and fabrication of your metal building project. 

Design Flexibility 

Metal buildings offer flexibility in design and will elevate your view of the standard metal building. Thanks to advancements in the metal building industry and adjacent products, metal buildings are no longer just a ‘tin box.’ You now have the flexibility to build long lasting, cost efficient structures that exceed your aesthetic expectations. Additionally, the modular design provides customers with endless expansion opportunities, saving them time and money.


Partnering with Metallic

Partner with Metallic to create the perfect solution for your next metal building project. Contact our experienced team to learn more about our custom metal building solutions.