Pre-Engineered Recreational Buildings 

Metallic is your premier resource for prefab recreational buildings and community centers. We offer a variety of options for clear span and multi-span metal building structures in unlimited lengths and widths. Count on the experts at Metallic for full-service, structural steel capabilities and support services for skyboxes, press boxes, stadium seating, multi-story applications and more. Let Metallic’s flexible design, value engineering and superior product offerings be part of your next:


  • Baseball stadium
  • Arena
  • Sports complex
  • Indoor athletic facility
  • Equestrian and livestock center
  • Community center
  • Gymnasium
  • Multi-purpose athletic building
  • Ice skating and roller rink

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Why Choose Metal?

Compared to traditional building materials, steel is a durable, low-maintenance and cost effective option for your recreational facility or community building. Learn more about the benefits of choosing steel. 


Clear-Span Capabilities – With the strength of steel comes clear-span framing which allows for up to 300 ft. of column-free space. This allows flexibility to incorporate indoor sports fields, ice rinks, gathering spaces and more. 


Flexible Design – Customize the interior and exterior of your prefab recreational building to fit your unique application.


Durability Compared to traditional materials, steel offers superior durability. Our prefab metal recreational buildings won’t rot, warp or decay. They’re resistant to damage from insect infestations, offering long-lasting performance you can count on. 


Low-Maintenance Design – With durability, comes low-maintenance design. This helps save you time and money on maintaining your building so you can use more resources on running your recreational business. 


Cost Savings – Our prefab recreational buildings are designed for quick erection, saving you money on installation costs and getting your facility up and running sooner. Their durability also leads to maintenance cost savings over the life of your metal building. 


Sustainability – Our steel sports and recreation buildings are a sustainable option for your community. Our steel is made from 25% recycled material and is 100% recyclable at the end of your building’s life. 


Custom Recreational Buildings

Our prefab sports complexes and recreational buildings can be customized to meet your aesthetic and functional requirements.  We offer high ceilings and clear-span framing capabilities designed to accommodate a variety of sports and recreational activities. We’ll work with you to design and manufacture a custom solution, from the size to the layout, that meets your needs. 



Customize the exterior of your recreational building to fit your preferences. Our steel structures are designed to support several conventional wall systems including metal panels, brick, stucco, tilt-up or CCMU. We offer a variety of metal panel styles and profiles that are ideal for roofing and wall applications. Choose from a broad selection of colors, from neutral to bold shades, to add curb appeal to the exterior of your recreational facility. 


We offer a broad selection of metal building accessories designed to add functionality and visual appeal. For example, eave extensions help direct water away from the structure of your metal building in order to protect it from damage. Door canopies are also beneficial to protect athletes, coaches and other visitors from the elements when they step outside. 



Enjoy the flexibility to customize the interior layout and design of your metal building to fit your needs. With clear-span capabilities of up to 300ft., you can partition the interior of your recreational facility however you’d like without having to worry about structural walls. Create designated space for locker rooms, workout rooms, viewing areas, offices, meeting spaces and more. Add a mezzanine to maximize interior space and add visual appeal.


Create a modern looking interior with our metal liner panels. Choose from a variety of liner panel styles, profiles and colors to complete the interior of your facility.


Why Choose Metallic

Since 1946, Metallic has been a trusted name in the pre-engineered steel buildings industry. We were one of the five original founders of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association and have spent decades developing and testing our products to provide the highest caliber solutions.  


Our team of project managers, draftsmen, engineers and fabrication specialists is dedicated to creating high-quality metal retail buildings to meet your needs. Our experienced sales team will work with you to create a custom, economical solution to fit your industrial business. Contact us today!