Case Study

  • Project: Buffalo Run Casino and Resort
  • Builder: Farrell Construction
  • Location: Miami, OK


The Peoria Tribe of Indians’ Buffalo Run Casino and Resort was experiencing severe seasonal damage. Their then-current fabric building could not withstand the dense blankets of snowfall notorious in the eastern Oklahoma prairies and had recently caused heavy roof failure. As a result of the damage, the tribe wanted a sturdier structure to protect their customers and business. Given the importance of the casino’s revenue to the tribe, the typical construction approach of demolish and rebuild was not acceptable—the casino needed to remain open 24/7 for the duration of construction. Additionally, the large area of the existing casino and the expansion that would surround it made the task that much tougher.


Totaling 60,788 square feet, Farrell Construction used a pre-engineered metal building system from Metallic Building Company to dramatically expand the casino’s operations. To complete the job, the contractor completely surrounded the existing tent-type building and provided a more durable and permanent structure that would hold up to the elements. The new primary building was 164 feet wide by 352 feet long, with a 33-foot eave height. The monolithic steel structure did not require intervening columns that would have penetrated the preexisting fabric-covered structure and disrupted casino operations. Additionally, to help shed snow, the roof was built with a 5.5 on 12 slope.


Farrell Construction was able to complete the project under budget and with no disturbances to the open casino. Labor costs were greatly reduced because the Metallic system arrived on-site, pre-manufactured to design and required fewer materials overall. Also, the casino did not sacrifice aesthetics for the expansion—Farrell Construction finished the steel façade with fiberglass logs and stacked stones as a nod to the region’s rural heritage.

Relevant Products:

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  • BattenLok® HS Roofing Panels
  • PBR wall panels
  • PBU wall panels