Case Study

  • Project: Nutheads Chocolate Factory
  • Builder: Hammers Construction
  • Location: Perham, MN


Nutheads Chocolate Factory sold their manufacturing capabilities in March and had a bulk of orders that needed to be fulfilled to their clients in June. With construction starting April 1, Hammers Construction was tasked with completely designing and engineering a food processing facility from the ground up in eight short weeks or they would not get the contract. The project also needed to remedy oversights connected to the existing builder who didn’t account for heavy snow loads on the roof.


With an aggressively short timeline, Hammers Construction knew they needed a product that could be ordered quickly and erected fast in choosing Metallic’s Long Bay®system for the first time—and for a project that required special conditions and coordination—Hammers specialists knew they would need to hit the ground running. The 22,000 square foot building, roof decking and precast walls arrived on time and erecting took place immediately.


Metallic’s Long Bay system proved to be a great option for the project, which required clear, open space. Choosing the Long Bay system made the process easier—requiring no on-site welding and increased customer savings on steel and erection costs. In fact, once the products arrived, Hammers was able to erect the facility within five days. In two weeks, the building was completely enclosed with a rubber roof and underground plumbing. Usually, a job of this size would require 10 to 12 weeks, but Metallic was able to simplify the project within the eight-week timeframe and enabled the owner to bring in equipment one week ahead of schedule. Finally, Hammers was able to correct the existing builders’ error by building a connecting link and placing a flat roof with a b-deck on the new building to address the issue of snow load.

Relevant Products:

  • Metallic’s Long Bay® system
  • Roof decking
  • Precast walls