White Paper: Envelope-Based Solutions for Metal Buildings

White Paper: Envelope-Based Solutions for Metal Buildings

White paper by: Candace J. McNamee and Joshua N. Bartlett

Energy use in U.S. buildings, comprising nearly 5 million commercial buildings and 115 million residential households, represents 40 percent of U.S. energy consumption. Building energy codes are a critical component of the national effort to control the increasing impacts of building energy use. The Department of Energy supports and participates in the development of these codes, which have over the last several years become more stringent, more complicated, and more highly enforced across the country.

ASHRAE 90.1, the IECC, and other building energy codes, standards, guidelines, and rules are adopted as part of the larger body of building codes, and must be satisfied as a condition for approval to construct and occupy buildings. This article will discuss the impact of more stringent and closely regulated building energy standards and codes on the building process—specifically, as they affect the building envelope for metal buildings. We will consider some of the challenges in adhering to the codes, and we also will identify solutions and compliance tools, products, and resources that help projects meet code requirements and gain the associated energy benefits.

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