Edgecraft™ The preferred profile for gutter and rake trim.

Metallic is pleased to announce the release of Edgecraft, our new standard profile for gutter and rake trim. This new profile was developed to improve consistency and quality while reducing lead time, delivering a better-quality product to our customers faster.

Color availability is consistent with our other trim offerings and can be ordered in a total of over thirty colors as a siliconized polyester or PVDF. Standard lengths are 20’2” and 8’2” for both single skin and insulated metal panels. The product will be available in Optima, Builder’s Gateway, and on ExpressPlus.

Continuous improvement is part of our core value of Innovation, and it is critical to improving quality and reducing lead times. We will continue to seek ways to improve our product offerings in service to our customers’ success.

Please contact your sales or customer service representative with any questions.


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