Project Spotlight

  • Project: Calvary Baptist Church
  • Builder: Durham Construction, Inc.
  • Location: Parker, AZ

Building Size:

Total sq. ft.: 32,240

Dimensions: 130′ x 248′ x 41′

Roof slope: 2.5:12

Building Type:

Roof Panels: BattenLok

The main objective of this project was to construct an open concept facility that would allow for multiple room layouts without being restricted by interior columns, while showing the strength and longevity of the structure. Metal was chosen for the project because of its durability and longevity over the life of the building and metal could accommodate the design intent. The use of metal in the structural design could achieve large clear span that would allow for flexibility of the space(s), particularly the classrooms/meeting rooms in the future by being able to reconfigure room layouts without being limited by interior structural columns. To bring interest to the structure and show off the strength and longevity of the building the steel columns, rafters and roof purlins were left exposed.