Project Spotlight

  • Project: Travis County Emergency Services District #5
  • Builder: Bailey Elliott Construction, Inc.
  • Location: Austin, TX

Building Size:

Total sq. ft.: 11,874

Dimensions: 70’-6” x 63’-11”

Roof slope: 4:12

Roof Panels:  SuperLok

Wall Panels: PBR

The goal of this project was to provide a facility which blended into the local environment of rural farming and ranching, while functioning for both the fire district and the community. The solution: designing a concept that reflected the ad hoc development of the farming community over the years. Starting with a small farmhouse which was used as the administrative building, where all operations were managed; then adding a large facility that served as a residence and the dorm area for the fire station personnel, and finally adding an equipment barn which was used mainly as a truck bay. The stone façade used in the first two buildings, also incorporated into the truck bay, created a natural look and was key in blending the buildings with the local environment.