Metallic Recognizes Keevan Timm with 2015 District Manager of the Year Award

It is with great honor that Metallic announces Keevan Timm as the 2015 District Manager of the Year.

Keevan has been a Metallic DM since 1999. His loyalty to the brand has earned him the respect of his peers and the builders he serves all who appreciate his role as a trusted advisor.

His numbers are impressive: bookings have exceeded his plan over the last three years, with 2015 being his best performance yet. However this honor is not based on numbers alone. Keevan understands the importance of mentoring the next generation of DMs and frequently communicates with other DMs in his area to discuss market conditions and sales strategy. He is an excellent employee, always responsive and self-sufficient, and always willing to share his philosophy on what has made him successful, offering himself as a resource to others.

Keevan truly embodies our core values leaving no doubt as to why he is the DM of the Year.

Commitment to Excellence – Keevan prides himself on understanding the individual needs of his customers and the specific details of their business and projects.  His years of industry experience, as both an erector and a supplier, avail him of a unique skillset that he leverages every day, on every project.

Personal Responsibility – One of Keevan’s strongest traits is that he holds his reputation as one-and-the-same with the company’s, meaning he truly views himself as the face of the company.  This unique perspective sets Keevan apart from others in the industry.

Exceptional Customer Experience – Nothing matters more to Keevan than the customer, and it is in that mindset in which he operates.  He attributes his success over the years almost solely on his relentless focus on providing an exceptional customer experience.


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