Project Spotlight

  • Project: Albany RV
  • Builder: Bette & Cring Construction Group
  • Location: Latham, NY

Building Size:

Total sq.ft.: 30,000


Building A – 160; x 160′ x 18′-8″

Building B – 40′ x 160′ x 36′

Building C – 64′ x 160′ x 23′

Roof slope: 1/2:12

Building Type: Hybrid Structure

Roof Panels: Double-Lok

Wall Panels: PBR

This commercial retail store encompasses multiple special features and products.

  • This Albany RV dealership, showroom and maintenance facility project is made up of a total of six pre-engineered structures all tying together to make up a 30,000 square foot print plan view.
  • The service area features a Metallic Double-Lok standing seam roof and sits behind a 3 story administrative building that utilizes the ground floor as well as two stacked mezzanine levels which are open in areas to the lower expansive showroom.
  • The showroom utilizes straight columns and a saw tooth reverse sloped rafter framing system and is surrounded by glass curtain walls on its multi skewed walls.
  • The entry building features large purlin extensions and canopies with wood framed aesthetic supports to enhance the rustic appeal and coincide with the interior cedar walls and fireplace in the waiting room for customer’s comfort.
  • Albany RV encompasses many special features and products above and beyond which is mentioned above including jack beams, tube column framing, multiple mezzanine framed openings for stairwells and an elevator shaft, tube spandrel beams to support collateral materials by others, saw tooth rafter framing, batten-lok roof panel, B-deck roof panels for a rubber membrane roof system, heavy roof mounted point loads to support HVAC equipment, and increased deflection criteria was incorporated in the engineering design of the structures.